We offer a variety of products to aid in maintaining a healthy mind and body.  If you have any questions or there is a supplement you are interested in that is not listed; one of the Doctors will be happy to assist you.

   Alpha Base.  A wonderful multivitamin that uses the best vitamin and minerals available.

   Calmatrol.  A special blend of extracts and raw herbs to support a relaxed and calm state.

   Natural D-Hist.  A all natural solution for those pesky seasonal nasal and sinus issues.

    D-Hist Jr.  Children's strength seasonal nasal and sinus relief in a yummy lemon lime flavor.

   Fiber Plus Caps.  A natural fiber supplement to maintain a healthy bowel and digestive tract.

   Natural ZZZ's.  Enjoy a restful sleep without the groggy side effects of sleep medicine.

    Ortho Biotic.  A probiotic to maintain a microflora balance and immune function.


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