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"I am so Blessed in having GREAT care at this office. Everyone is so friendly and down to earth and treat you as family. Also this facility also offers SO MUCH MORE than Chiropractor care. They are top notch here in my book. To all who reads this PLEASE Consider to check this place out. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Get yourself BACK on track. GOD BLESS! - Jenny C.

"I would recommend this place because they physicians are well trained to execute their work in a professional manner. Questions and concerns where answered and straight to the point results and answers. Not only that they are Chiropractors, they know more than doctors who beat around the bush or that doesn't provide the actual care that's needs for your health. Again... I would 2-shay this business and try them out. They will have you leaving out of there singing Johnny Gill: "My, My, My"! LOL! - Darrin M.

"The Central DuPage physical Medicine team is amazing. I tried the i-lipo with the biggest package and then the b-12 shot and I'm feeling summer ready . I need to lose weight and have energy to chase after my kids and they are very motivated and encouraging to help you achieve your goals . Thank you !!! - Jessi S.

"The staff are amazing! They all make me feel so welcomed and comfortable every time I have gone ! If you’re looking for a chiropractor who truly wants to help you feel better and listen to your needs this is the place for you!" - Amy N.

"They are amazing at Central Dupage Physical Medicine! I have been have shoulder pain from a pintched nerve and what ever they do helps a lot. I highly recommend this chiropractor." -Lina S.

"Thank you for making my visits awesome! Right when you walk in, you’re greeted with friendly staff. Not only do the doctors and staff take every measure to ensure you walk out with a smile on your face, but they also treat everyone that walks in like family. They’re also very Covid-19 conscious, which is always reassuring. Overall, I’ve never had a bad experience here. I’d recommend this place over and over again for your chiropractic needs!!" - Krishna P.

"The i-Lipo is working wonders and I love that there is no down time! The staff is amazing and they truly care about each person’s health and wellness! Everything they do here is focused on helping you feel like the best version of yourself!" -Steffanie J.

"Thank you very much for every single service I have had from this clinic. Staff are great. They really take their time to listen to your health issues. I strongly recommend this clinic!!! I have came for a month now and everything seems to improve in my health. Thank you to Brad, Nash the doctors and Veronica at the front desk. These people made me feel great in every way. Thank you family!!!!!" - Ignacio E.

"This is by far the best pain management and chiropractic office. I have gone to many doctors and no one was able to help me with my health like Dr. Gomez. He genuinely cares about his patients. He is wonderful and he is about the smartest doctor you will ever meet!!!" - Lisa L.

"Me and my family have been coming to this location for years, and we have all had nothing but pleasant experiences. The staff is amazing! They’re all very friendly, welcoming, and will make you feel right at home. I can’t thank Dr. Gomez, Dr. Brad, and the rest of the staff enough for the many great experiences we’ve had with our treatment. I can whole heartedly recommend this office to anyone in search of a quality Chiropractor, or for anyone who is in any kind of physical pain." - Antony M.

"The doctors and staff at CDPM are phenomenal! The doctor's truly cares for your wellness and provided a tailored treatment plan. I love that this is not only a chiropractic office, they offer a lot of other services under pain management. The staff is very professional, and they always make me feel welcomed. If you are looking for a professional and clean office, this is your one stop clinic!" - Amy A.

"I've been suffering from low back pain for a couple years now, one of my coworkers actually refer me to Central DuPage Physical Medicine. Their staff was is polite and generous, and their clinic is very different from other chiropractic clinics. Its been 8 months and i have really felt much improvement in my lower back," I can actually go all day WORKING without no pain". Thanks to CDPM and their staff I feel like a new person!!!"-Richard M.  

"Dr. Gomez is an excellent chiropractor I've never met anyone so enthusiastic and dedicated to his practice. Although it may seem that he talks  fast he gets to his point and treats each individual as one.  The body itself is such a big mystery and to go to a place were you can feel knowledgeable as you get healthy is something neat. Every day is something different. The fact that he is  bilingual makes its more comfortable, seeing such a big cultural mix and having no preferences nor discrimination. I would definitely recommend going in and seeing it for yourself, and have a great experience like I did. " Let's get you healthy" as he says" - Paula A.

"I have been going to Central DuPage Physical Medicine since day one of his practice.  I am a late convert to chiropractic care even though i have friends who are in the profession. Following years of pain caused by military injuries,2 car accidents, back surgery etc. I finally gave in and went to a local, a  Dr. Major, who was the original owner of CDPM. When he moved, I chose to stay with Dr. Gomez (who was working with Major) based on the care I have received from him and his staff. I believe I have now been with him over 10 years. He and his staff have been more than accommodating to my needs and schedule. I have called on short notice in pain and they have found time to help me with in hours of my call. For the record I am not the best patient and Dr. Gomez and his staff have the patience to put up with lack of follow up.  I will be turning 65  in a few months and transferring to Medicare, it is my hope that I will be able to continue my relationship with Dr. Gomez and his staff. Why? because I cannot tell you how many times I have  walked into his office  barley able to walk due to pain and walked out  pain free.  One example: I was to take my daughter to a daddy daughter dance about 8 years ago I had twisted my back at work and could barley stand, the pain was so bad.  I called DR. Gomez at about 3 PM he told me to stop by on my way home, by 7 pm I was dancing the night away with my daughter.  I do not know how he did it but it was a special night  for me and my daughter.  Oh yeah I was back in his office the next morning,  but it was worth it!" -Jim B.

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